Kristina DryzaI’m Kristina Dryža (pronounced Kriss-tin-ah Dree-zha), an international trend forecaster and author of the allegorical novel, Grace and the Wind. Of Lithuanian origin I was raised in Adelaide, Australia and moved overseas in 1999. Since then I’ve been based between London, New York, Tokyo and Hawaii while traveling the world gaining insight into emerging social, cultural and consumer trends for top international companies.

So what do I actually do as a futurist? I observe the systems, processes and emotions of life through intuiting the ‘now’ moment. I gather influences and impressions of the past, present and possible so clients can express their future through inspired corporate strategies, products, services and experiences. It’s the synthesising of disparate elements and perspectives that gives my clients a kaleidoscopic lens on the world and helps them create contextually relevant futures in the here and now. I was recently recognised as one of the world’s top female futurists.

I love interviewing experts and innovators in their field and enjoy networking and introducing people (I hosted Likemind Tokyo 2008-2010). I also enjoy designing experiences, especially when the essence of the event – its inward nature and true substance – is compellingly conveyed and communicated. A highlight last year was hosting my Seasons Through the Senses event for the Adelaide Food & Wine Festival and co-hosting the film dinner for the Kangaroo Island FEASTival. When living in London I was fortunate enough to arrange many events at the Australian and Lithuanian embassies and take great pleasure in hosting family and friends in my own home environment.

After a long, long time abroad I recently returned to my hometown (though being a Business Ambassador for South Australia from 2006-2010 kept me in frequent touch with the state) and I was recently selected as one of the state’s top business leaders by the Hon Jay Weatherill at the Premier’s Council for Women 50/50 event.

Traveling so often on assignment I do though feel most at home in the air! I’m drawn to exploring evocative travel and cultural destinations and favourite places include Mauna Kea, Istanbul and Luang Prabang. Being a food and wine reviewer in the late Noughties for CNNGo I luxuriated in the culinary arts scene, but am now far more interested in the influence that one’s food life has on health and wellbeing.

One more quick ‘About Me’ fact: I delight in transforming ideas, concepts and philosophies into products and experiences – whether it’s been producing a capsule collection of luxury linen lounging robes or creating my own artisanal, organic chocolate that now sells in selected Australian cafés.

Further professional and academic details can be found on my LinkedIn profile, while the website for my book discusses my work with nature’s rhythms, as well as other personal interests.

To get in touch, please feel free to email me: kristina@kristinadryza.com or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.