I am frequently interviewed by various media organisations for my insights on a range of topics. Below are some of the interviews and articles:


Meeting of minds on modern media as Nick Bowditch and Kristina Dryza speak at News Xtend digital strategy event, The Advertiser

Digital media experts Nick Bowditch and Kristina Dryza to give keynote speeches at Adelaide strategy event, The Advertiser

Experts share how to Xtend your digital strategy, The Advertiser

The rhythm of life’s a powerful beat indeed, The Advertiser

Alumni Fellow, The University of Adelaide

The future is now, Maxim

Raktas i ateiti (Key to the future), Moteris Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Fashion your fan base, The Australian Financial Review Part 1, Part 2

Fortune sellers, The Australian Financial Review

Beauty’s new generation of makeup muses, Elle

The rise of the new nomadics, The London Sunday Times

Ginza – Ground zero for luxury brands, Japan Marketing Data Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Tokyo 2050, Metropolis

Global trendsetter finds her niche, Lumen

The next big thing, brand strategy

You’ve got a trend, Brussels Airlines


Featured in the documentary Blue Skies to Black Umbrellas, which “examines the diverse experiences of 12, unique, highly driven Australians in pursuit of their dreams in London.”


Interviewed by Today Tonight on retail trends

Interviewed by The Project on Channel 10 for the story Australia 2039


Meaning in a Mass Consumer World with Kristina Dryza, C G Jung Society of Sydney (Needs to be listened to on desktop version of site)


CD sleeve, Calming Park Vol. 7

Trend reports

Nature’s living wisdom, David Report

I shop therefore I am, David Report

New luxury, Construct London


Global trendforecaster Kristina Dryza on the past, present and the possible, Rooster Radio

The rhythm of Adelaide, The Adelaide Show

The four rhythms, Love-Life


Trend Pro > Kristina Dryza

Without you we wouldn’t be anywhere, The Moodie Davitt Report

What’s Winter teaching us about how to be? The business of Nature, the nature of Business…, LinkedIn

The peace of wild things: Finding healing in nature, HUU Community Cafe

Home Cook: Kristina Dryza, trend forecaster, InDaily

How to be frugal without losing your fashion cred, News Limited

Nine household items that could soon be obsolete, Domain

In the future our clothes will be eco-friendly, high-tech, emojis, i-D Magazine

Kristina Dryza, Organic Estonia

Build your brand based on consumers’ traits, Inside Retail

How to enjoy food in the here and now, InDaily

How 7 top entrepreneurs use their minds to achieve goals, The Legacy Project

10 tips from business leaders on how to move from good to great, The Legacy Project

The future is the new new thing, Bridge8

Being online – is it bad for your health? Crikey

Kristina Dryza, The Legacy Project

Five minutes with Kristina Dryza, futurist and global consumer trends expert, Adelaide Festival of Ideas

Futurists discuss how the world will change in royal baby’s reign, News Limited

Cats: They control the internet, but can they help you lead a better life? Here’s their ten top tips, News Limited

How to enjoy moments and love impermanence, Bubbling Spring

Rhythm & flow, Thinking in Practice

The innovator’s interview, futurethink


Long live the city, Designboost Milan

The Future of Brands, Shopping and Shopping Places, The Brand Experience Consultancy


Kristina Dryza interview, DMITREsa

Kristina Dryza presentation, DMITREsa

Food SA Summit address

The rhythms of the natural world, Pecha Kucha Tokyo

Japan: trendsetter of the future? Qi Global 


Kristina Dryza: Global Director for the House of Brand Group

Finding new trends, Marketingi Instituut

Present thoughts on future food, Radio Adelaide

Wellness Wednesday, ABC New England North West

Looking to the stars: In search of our place in the universe, Radio Adelaide

Charting the unknown, Radio Adelaide

Spotting a trend, 891 ABC

Beyond the backyard, 891 ABC


Grace and the Wind (author)

How to research trends (collaborator)

More than a name: An introduction to branding (interview contributor)