Who I Work With

Having a shadow process is essential, which is why I work with spiritually mature adults who recognise there’s a certain degree of shadow work one needs to do to engage this level of work.

As a facilitator of alchemy I work with artists, visionaries, those in creative depressions, mothers, fathers, writers and directors in the film industry, entrepreneurs, lost souls, leaders, chefs and gardeners. All archetypes. We work together to perceive and function symbolically in the world. And I work with organisations that are evolutionary in their approach to new directions of potential and are willing to explore why they do what they do.

Teachers trigger you to think for yourself, to question things. I’m not a fan of any work that self-reinforces shame or generates violence against the self. All patterns are welcome at the round table of self. For transformation to occur it happens at the street level . . . at the imperfect, vulnerable, gritty, messy level of interaction and life.

I am a CMED Institute Sacred Contracts Graduate and you can read my profile on the institute alumni page of the myss.com website here.


I accompany people through life transitions drawing on the ancient wisdom found in the patterns of myths, archetypes and nature.

I’m here to advocate for your value in a space of unconditional love and presence. Your worthiness is inherent. It's not something you need to grasp at, strategise or manage. In our western culture we often have a shame-based orientation to success. Witness all the ‘be your best self’ diatribe (which often subconsciously aligns us with the worst version of ourselves) that just keeps us on a hamster wheel of shame.
This work isn’t easy – but it is worthwhile – as together we ask, "What’s conscious? What’s externalised? What’s shadow?" I believe we can only be as competent as the shadow work we’ve done, otherwise as teachers, we teach strategies that don’t allow all parts of the psyche to be present without judgment. By releasing the grip of shame we get to perceive technically. We become truth tellers and technicians of our psyche. We can accurately gauge how connected to ourselves we are right now . . . how unconditionally loving . . . how present.

We can’t do it all by ourselves. We must have the courage to ask for resources so we can form and materialise the alignments of our interior life, our inner worldview. It is my delight to support sensitive people to live in the world: to blossom and to radiate their grace.

I want to connect with you. My heart feels you. I want to assist you. I care. We all long for connection and belonging and as a guide, it’s my joy to assist you with your own journey of alchemy.

© 2020 Kristina Dryza