Most archetypal consultations are done over Zoom, but I update my current city location here, so if we’re in the same city, we can meet in person. I am currently in Vilnius, Lithuania. All first appointments are 90 minutes, but after that, I offer 60 and 90-minute sessions. Please email if you're interested, so we can explore what you’re seeking from an archetypal consultation.

Why have an archetypal consultation?

We gain greater wisdom, clarity, power and esteem when we look at what’s running underneath the hood of our psyche. We can truthfully ask ourselves if we have the archetypes to pull off a vision and inspiration that’s paid us a visit. Can we make the necessary sacrifices to bring it into form? Or is this more fantasy thinking?

People come to a session with a variety of questions:
“How do I stand in my power at work?”
“I keep making disempowering choices with my health. Why?”
“I don’t know how to exist in the unknown. I’m frightened of not knowing, not having a path, but know I can no longer stay where I am.”
“I’m writing a screenplay and I can’t get the archetypal dynamics between these two characters right.”
“I feel a dark night coming on.”
“I want to shift and need some transitional archetypes to help me get across the river.”
“My wounds drive my choices. How do I make nourishing choices of self-connection, not disconnection?”
“I’ve got an idea for a new business but is it in alignment with the greater archetypal patterns operating in humanity as a whole?”

We first identify your archetypal patterns (as an individual or an organisation). Some patterns are so strong they just come over us without conscious awareness until after the fact. It can be an appetite, a craving, the narrative we spin around a situation, a mode of being. Maybe we’ve launched straight into balancing out the scales of justice as the Avenger archetype responds to a wrongdoing, or we’re in need of attention and approval, unaware the Beggar archetype has hijacked our psyche. We can think ice-cream is a main meal when our Child archetype influences our menu choices, or we can pass on timeless wisdom like fortune cookies as the Mentor archetype kicks in. Every encounter we have is archetypal.

We also get really curious if you’ve made a pattern an identity? Has an experience of victimisation led you to identify as a Victim? Has Damsel in Distress become your modus operandi? Are you more identified with the Orphan Child than the Entrepreneur that wants to activate in your psyche?

The benefit of a consultation is the opportunity to meet the unknown with a new team of archetypes and the courage to not default to your old patterns of survival and adaptation. You’re empowered with awareness to make different choices and there’s greater fluidity in the movements of your psyche. Knowing your patterns gets you into alignment with life, living more authentically and congruently. You move out of fate to explore your destiny.

Prices for an archetypal consultation are as follows: 
60 minutes/USD$100
90 minutes/USD$150
(All first appointments are 90 minutes)
Please email to book a consultation.

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