Products are a mirror of company consciousness. How you invite your clients ‘to darken the door’ between contradictory feelings is a matter of demonstrated product courage.

We have invented the format of ‘Product Thresholds’ to help you realise how your products address your customers’ unconventional needs.

Which threshold will you become able to walk?

By playing with light-related metaphors such as from night to day, from dark to light, you will learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your products in a new dimension. You will become aware of how your customers experience your products if they want to break free from mainstream expectations.

This is our magic question: “How much light and how much darkness can your product bear?”

We will work with you through the whole spectrum of metaphors about ‘light and darkness.’

Who will deeply enjoy our encounter design?

  • Enterprises that push forward sustainability. They will minimise the danger of getting lost in the blackness of greenwashing or moralising.
  • Enterprises that are at the technological forefront. They will escape from being caught in the glaring light of feeling like sun gods.
  • Enterprises that make a living from the arts and creativity. They will withstand the decomposition of their sharp outlines and long shadows for the sake of pleasing the choice of the masses.

A conscious nip of rich darkness will never hurt!

Your benefits

You will gain new clues about how narrow or how spacious your product impact is. And we will empower you to add contrasts and contradictions to your product that make it emotionally precious for your customers.

The initiators

My partner in this journey is Patricia von Papstein. I admire her paradoxical thinking and different realms of perception, which demand new dimensions of engagement. Her avant-garde flair and activation of bliss in the business and investment worlds is truly impressive, let alone her nous and sensitivity with technology, psychology and the arts.

To meet a threshold it’s wise not to enter unescorted, so to have a partner who can elegantly wield power, both harness beauty – and unlock it and set it free – whilst also making the most sublime and revolutionary psychological and commercial interventions, makes her the perfect counterpart to explore light and darkness with. We both share the joys of putting original myths to the test in the present.

Dare to meet us

Be ready for a test of your product courage!

Patricia and Kristina will act as your uncorrupt referees. Therefore we will apply the virtues of Aphrodite and Persephone. These two mythological personalities are well known as a truly competitive duo in ancient Greek mythology. One is the goddess queen of the so-called upper world and the other the goddess queen of the underworld.

You will slip into the role of the heroine/hero with different faces that’s waiting to get their product challenged. Join us in beating myth doctrines and rigid psychological ideal conceptions!

Our unique setting

You will meet us in three intensive four-hour sessions preferably live, but Zoom is possible too.

  • The first session will be a neon light meets black hole darkness challenge.
  • The second session is about diffuse light meeting scattered darkness.
  • The third session will integrate the findings.

Yes, I want a Product Thresholds encounter!

Get a taste of how we explore products