Where Are We Now?

I’ve always been intrigued by questions of fate and destiny, choice and chance, synchronicity and causality, which is what initially led me to my futures work.

In my early 20’s, for a creative brainstorming project I was working on in London, I suggested structuring the deliverables around the ‘concepts’ of time, energy, space and matter. Even in the naivety of my youth I’ve felt the abstract so strongly and have been incredibly fortunate to have people around me to tether my ideas to the earth and deliver what’s concretely realisable. And now in my own maturity, I can merge the ethereal with the practical as I recognise that both the immeasurable and measurable matter.

It’s of benefit for organisations to work with archetypes as we transition from a linear consciousness to one that is spherical and holographic. The patriarchy is in shift. As is its hold and influence on culture. When creating new directions it’s crucial to reference and understand the greater patterns informing us, just like the weather – a wintry, snowy day or a sunny, summer day – has influence. I gather impressions of the past, present and possible and in the synthesising of these disparate elements and perspectives, I find a kaleidoscopic, contextual lens on the emergent future unfolds.


All macro narratives are in crisis,

which requires from us a non-linear intelligence

and being open to different intelligence types

and values.

Being open to the principles of gestalt,

mythic intelligence

and acquiring an archetypal eye

will support us as we are currently in-between stories.

You’re probably asking, ‘So what can I do?’

While I still do trend forecasting work for certain clients, I now work primarily through an archetypal eye. I work equally with the past, present and future potentialities to observe the systems, processes and emotions of life and intuit their influence on the cycles of time. If interested, please email kristina@kristinadryza.com to discuss your project.

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